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Munro and Associates, Inc. has a long history of providing excellent training in both the Lean Design® Methodology (reducing weight, cost, and complexity) as well as in its proprietary software, Design Profit®, for engineers and manufacturers to create designs that are of the highest quality and innovation in the industry.

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A Paradigm Shift in Product Design Training

Our Lean Design® training consistently drives product design engineers, manufacturing, costing, and the management team to break through greater levels of innovation in their new products or redesigns.

Learn the Lean Design® Methodology directly from the original founders of the concept.

Learn a multi-industry and time proven system to vastly increase your company’s Value, Profit and Quality.

Intimate training with students that imparts innovative techniques that can be implemented immediately for ROI.

Learn the Secrets of Product Design Excellence – Lean Design®

A Message from Sandy Munro

The Munro team has a solid reputation of saving companies Billions of dollars throughout their 30+ years and now wishes to bring to the world a comprehensive certification program that is accessible, thorough and that can be immediately applied by the students.

“Our Lean Design® Methodology forces the engineering team to re-evaluate how they approach design and manufacturing. The methodology drives change and innovation by pushing the student(s) to create multiple designs that cut to the core of what it means to create an elegant and high quality design. Remember, the first design is never the simplest.”

Sandy Munro – President and CEO, Munro & Associates, Inc.